I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Seems I managed to forget to write one of these last week.

So to make up for that, here’s an absolute belter.

Mention Bran Van 3000 and most people will probably recall their Drinking in L.A. single from back in 1997.

Their follow-up album, Discosis, from 2001 didn’t really set the world alight. I’ve never understood why, because it contains one of my favourite records of that decade.

It has Curtis Mayfield on it, which can never be anything other than a good thing.


Bran Van 3000 – Astounded

More soon.

I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

I don’t think I’m understating things when I say that my choice of tune to play here last Monday was not universally appreciated.

So, in an effort to make amends, here’s perhaps the most uplifting record I own, in it’s full just-shy-of-nine-minutes album version glory:


Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up

More soon.

Friday Night Music Club

Yey! We made it to Friday again! Give yourself a pat on the back. And then have a listen to the next five tunes in our season of Friday Night pleasers.

rachel-sweet-baby-stiff Rachel Sweet – B-A-B-Y

a1805125747_10 Nick Pride & The Pimptones – White Lines

Bet you’re expecting me to play the original next aren’t you? Well, that’s not how we roll around these parts, I’m afraid (but fear not, it’ll crop up sooner or later). 

Instead, we’re going back to the 70s…

37054-200x200 The James Taylor Quartet – The Theme from “Starsky & Hutch”

..and specifically, we’re going to go all Blaxploitation flick on yo’ass..

womack_bobb_across110_105b Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street

510cBiPgbIL Curtis Mayfield – Superfly

Not long after I moved to London, I was travelling on the tube and my ipod, unbidden and on shuffle, gave me those last three songs in that order. I have never felt so “street” in my life, and found myself striding along the platform with a distinct superfly guy strut, much, I imagine, to the amusement of my fellow commuters.

More soon.