New Mood on Monday

Monday’s are horrendous at the best of times, never more so than at the start of the year (in my book).

Yes, it’s the start of another new year, and yes, I know I’m supposed to be attacking it with renewed passion and vigour, but give me the choice between that and an extra half hour in bed, and I know which one I’d choose, no question.

So to combat that, the return of the series where I post songs it’s impossible to sleep through, a record which unlike 99% of the stuff I post here, I genuinely own a copy of on 7″ single:

Dennis Waterman – I Could Be So Good For You

And as if that’s not enough, here’s the wonderful(ly naff) and clearly very expensively shot (ahem) video, with heart throb Waterman “entertaining” visitors to a fruit and veg stall:

Now put some trousers on and get to work, you lazy feckers.

(More soon).