…Please welcome to the stage…

To the sofa surfer (i.e. me), Glastonbury seemed to be a year when surprise guests were the order of the weekend.

Generally, these were young, current artists calling on more established ones, to give their message that pan-generational impact.

(Obviously, I’m not talking about Paul ‘Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft’ McCartney flying Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen in for his amazing set.)

This saves me having to write a Rant post about the US decision to overturn Roe vs Wade this week, which Olivia Rodrigo covered in her introduction to this:

Olivia Rodrigo (feat. Lily Allen) – F*** You (Live at Glastonbury 2022)

To bring you up to speed, the US Supreme Court voted to strike down the nationwide legal right to abortion on Friday, paving the way for individual states to heavily restrict or even ban the procedure – in fact, it has led to the immediate recriminalisation of abortion in nearly half of the US states.

Women who decide to have an abortion have just made the hardest decision they will ever make. They are not all women who have had unprotected one night stands which they regret.

And even if they were, so what? It’s still their body, the decision about what happens next should still be theirs.

But now, in the US it’s a case of: no matter what the circumstance of your pregnancy, if you live in the wring state, you cannot have an abortion.

Been raped? Sorry, you’ve got to carry that unwanted load through for nine months.

From a strictly medical point of view, the treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, a septic uterus, or a miscarriage that your body won’t release is: an abortion.

What happens if you can’t have those abortions under those circumstances? You die, that’s what.

Actually, THIS saves me having to write a Rant post about the US decision to overturn Roe vs Wade: once the whooping dies down, the late, great George Carlin (RIP) explains it better in this most definitely NSFW clip:

More soon.