Friday Night Music Club

Regular visitors to my Friday night slot (stop it….!) will probably have noticed a few things that I like to do with the mixes I put together and post here (I’m talking the self-contained, meant-to-be-listened-to-as-a-whole mixes, not one of the ones I’ve recently split down into hour-long mixes).

Firstly, I like the first tune to be a definite opener; not necessarily one which sets the tone and style for the rest of the mix, but one which can easily be recognised as a curtain-raiser. See Tonight You Belong To Me by Patience and Prudence from Vol 1; I Dig Rock’n’Roll Music by Peter, Paul & Mary from Vol 2; Rudy, A Message To You by The Specials from Vol 3; Serious Drugs by BMX Bandits from Vol 4; R.E.M.’s Daysleeper from Vol 5…you get the idea.

Secondly, I love placing songs next to each other which shouldn’t really be there, songs which you would never have thought to play alongside each other but which somehow work (I think/hope).

Thirdly, I do love to slip in a tune which makes the listener think: ‘Blimey, I’ve not heard this for ages’ or ‘Cor, I’d forgotten all about this!’ (Not that anyone really says ‘Cor’ or ‘Blimey’ outside of a Carry On film anymore.)

Fourthly, end on something magnificent, just like you would want any gig or DJ set you went to in real life to do. Go out on a high, always leave ’em wanting more etc etc.

You’ll find examples of all four of these character traits on tonight’s brand new shiny mix, so let’s get the admin out of the way and crack right on, shall we?

Admin Part 1: any skips or jumps are down to the mixing software (I counted two when I listened back to this one); any mis-timed mixes are down to me (there’s one that’s a bit clunky here, I’m afraid; all record selections are mine (you’d better believe it, baby).

Admin Part 2: two of the tunes featuring this week contain some effin’ and jeffin’. One of those two contains a lot. Therefore this warning is most definitely required this week:

Friday Night Music Club Vol 8

And here’s your track listing. Look away now if you like it to be a surprise:

  • Death In Vegas – Dirge
  • Marilyn – Calling Your Name
  • Dexys Midnight Runners – Geno
  • The Pogues – The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn
  • Pixies – Nimrod’s Son
  • Super Furry Animals – Golden Retriever
  • New Order – Regret
  • Missy Elliott featuring Ludacris – Gossip Folks [Fatboy Slim remix]
  • Miike Snow – Animal [Crookers Remix]
  • Fatboy Slim – Everybody Needs a 303
  • The Beloved – Your Love Takes Me Higher [7″ mix]
  • Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out
  • The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  • Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People
  • Beck – Deadweight
  • The Primitives – Spacehead
  • Ride – Twisterella

That’ll do.

More soon. I may even post something else before next Friday, you never know.

The Election Section V2.13

One of the highlights of the night was, of course, the almost total wipe-out of UKIP as a political presence.

They claim to be a party of traditionalists, so it was nice to see they stuck with their traditions of a) winning absolutely no seats whatsoever, and b) having their leader step down before the final result was in.

Rumour has it that after his press conference announcing his resignation, Nuttall tried to leave incognito via the back door with a blanket over his head, but then realised he might suffer from a vitamin D deficiency as a result.

So farewell to Paul Natalie Nuttall, who will doubtless return to his normal occupation of Poet Laureate, the Premiership’s leading goal-scorer ever, or whatever other bollocks he’s claiming on his CV these days.

Lovely Front

The Primitives – Nothing Left

More soon.

I Am The Mouth

Two for the price of one again today at the Alternative Alternative Disco, where often overlooked or just plain forgotten records by Indie acts past and present are dusted down and given an airing.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always had a bit of a thing for female fronted Indie bands; if I thought about it, I’d probably say this can be generally be traced back to my childhood love of Blondie and then The Pretenders.

But if I wanted to look specifically at Indie bands, then there’s no doubt we’re talking about The Primitives.

Hailing from Coventry, The Primitives success flared briefly. I first stumbled across them – no surprises here – when listening to John Peel, although truth be told they had already crossed my radar, for I’d seen a photo of Morrissey wearing a t-shirt for their excellent “Stop Killing Me” single (I know have this as a painting, hanging on my living room wall). But it was courtesy of Peel that I first heard one of their records – “Thru The Flowers”, the first record I bought by them.

A few months later, their debut album, the appropriately titled “Lovely” was released, and my love of them was further strengthened when I bought a copy of their album from the local Our Price store, where the chap on the till commended me on my choice. I don’t think that ever happened again, or if it did, I don’t remember it. It’s never as good as the first time.

As well as containing the aforementioned singles and a whole host of other equally, erm, lovely jangly guitar pop jewels, there was the smash hit “Crash”, which peaked at #5 in the UK Chart. It was the first time a band I had championed prior to them having some chart success had a hit, and I felt vindicated.

Their fame was short-lived; they soon usurped (equally briefly) by Transvision Vamp as the peroxide blonde fronted band of choice. The follow-up album, “Pure” had less memorable songs and although a couple of them – today’s choice included – were minor hits, their moment in the sun had gone.

Today’s choices come from the 12″ single released in the wake of “Lovely” and as a precursor to “Pure”; the single itself could easily feature in my fledgling “Clap, Clicks & Whistles” thread (and probably will, in a few months, when hopefully you’ve all  forgotten about me posting it here), and the other song was the second track on the B-side of the 12″, and was the song I was thinking of when I got distracted and posted the Inspiral Carpets instead a couple of weeks ago. It’s an absolute belter, despite the decision to alleviate the lovely Tracey Tracey of lead vocals and allow lead guitarist PJ Court have a go instead.


The Primitives – Way Behind Me

The Primitives – All The Way Down (Beat Version)

The Primitives reformed back in 2009, and have received some pretty warm reviews for their new material; I was lucky enough to catch them live (for the first time) when they supported The Wedding Present at Koko in Camden in 2010 as part of their tour to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the “Bizarro” album.

I’d heard a few live recordings by them back when they were in their pomp and found them to be a little disappointing, so I approached the gig with more than a little trepidation. I need not have worried, they were great, dashing out much of the “Lovely” album along with others from their not so large back catalogue.

To my eternal shame though, as one late 80s classic ended, just as Tracey announced “We’re going to do one of our new songs now”, I turned to my mate Gary and, in a voice in a lot louder than I had intended, asked “Pint?”

Oh come one, we’ve all thought that at sometime or another when a reformed band makes that mid-gig announcement, haven’t we?

(Sorry Tracey.)

More soon.

Indie Daze

So, another busy weekend awaits me.

First, I’ll be going to this: Indie Daze so you’ll forgive me if the next part of 1985 doesn’t happen just yet.

Seven bands, five of which I hope to catch. Sorry The Popinjays, but I vaguely remember your name but none of your records so I won’t be rushing to see you. And as for Back to the Planet well, sorry, but I vaguely remember your records and I won’t be rushing to see you.

As for the rest? Well:

Eat were a band I had a bit of a thing for. I even managed to forgive them for their not-very-good-version of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s great “Summer in the City” as they did give us such forgotten pop jewels as this anti-capitalist yelp:

Eat-Bleed-Me-White-552330 Eat – Bleed Me White

And then, The Primitives. Ahh, The Primitives. I won’t say too much more, for they will feature prominently on these pages soon. But Tracey Tracey, oh my how you helped me through my later teenage years. Most people remember The Primitives for this: Crash

But there was so much more to them than that. Well, actually, not that much more. Though their debut album, the aptly named “Lovely” came with a veritable bucketful of shiny pop tunes likes this:

81RqVNsTVGL__SL1450_ The Primitives – Spacehead

Then there’s Pop Will Eat Itself, a band that divides me from many of my friends in that I love them and think they were pioneering and ground-breaking and they hate them and think they sound like Sigue Sigue Sputnik (which they don’t). When I was out for my birthday last weekend, I mentioned I was going to see PWEI, half the table turned their lips up, the other half went “What, them that sang Can u Dig It? Ace!”

So, here is that very same, very brilliant “The Warriors” sampling classic:

Pop-Will-Eat-Itself-Can-U-Dig-It-120927 Pop Will Eat Itself – Can U Dig It?

Although quite how good they’ll be without Clint Mansell who has gone on to bigger, better, more soundtracky things since remains to be seen…

And then there were two.

Well, now regular readers will know and probably be quite sick of my love of The Wedding Present, so there’s no need for me to bang on about them yet again here. Suffice it to say, they are playing Bizarro, their second album proper, in its entirety and hopefully a few more gems from their back catalogue. I saw them a couple of years ago when they toured this on the anniversary of the album’s release and they were, excuse my language (like I’ve apologised before!!), fucking majestic. So I could just post Kennedy here yet again but I’ll plump for one of the non-single album tracks, this glorious, brooding, sinister tale of stalkers written long before stalking was even a thing:

bizarro The Wedding Present – Bewitched

PS – Stella Creasey, I’ll see you in the mosh-pit.

And so on to joint headliners and popular cockney rhyming slang Miles Hunt and The Wonder Stuff. I’m hoping for a Greatest Hits set rather than any of the stuff they’ve recorded since they reformed, and hopefully Miles will get what the day is all about and rejoice in their back catalogue. Again, this is another band who will feature prominently here soon, so I’ll leave you with this corker:

4100149 The Wonder Stuff – It’s Yer Money I’m After, Baby

More tomorrow depending on how much my head hurts.

Oh and of course, if you like anything you hear, go buy it. You don’t need me to tell you where to find all of these records, now do you?

Oh, and second: having totally failed to buy a coach + festival ticket on Thursday, Sunday morning is Glastonbury tickets day. Wish me luck folks (or I’ll have nothing to write about here come August 2016)

A Diversion


Ok, so it’s 10 years today since John Peel died. I don’t think I can let that pass without comment.

It’s rare when I hear about someone famous passing on that I feel anything other than indifference. But when Peelie shuffled off this mortal coil, I felt cold. A veritable shiver. The light that would never go out, had.

I’d love to be able to relate some story now about how I met the Great Man and how it changed my life, but I don’t have one, because I never did. But here’s two things:

Once, not long before he died, he asked on his show who it was that did a song that mentioned Brian Rix’s trousers. In his usual slightly befuddled manner, he’d forgotten, and when you have as many tunes rattling around in your head as he did, one’s bound to fall out every now and then. I emailed him (as did many others) and he thanked me (and many others) on air for doing so. This is the song:

The Brilliant Corners: Brian Rix

Ok so that’s not a great claim to fame. I don’t have anything better than that. But in 1989 I went to the Reading Festival, and on the Saturday John was acting as compere. I remember him reading the football scores out, but insisting on starting with the Scottish results, because they usually get left till the end and nobody really pays attention to them. And this strikes me as being a metaphor for his life’s work: bringing the previously unheard to the attention of the masses.

Yes he played a lot of tosh I wasn’t interested in (I’m looking at you, Bhundu Boys) but for every 10 songs he played, you got at least 2 or 3 that you’d never heard before and wanted to hear some more of.

I could make a really long list of the bands I first heard via Mr Peel. I won’t, but here’s some of them. My life is richer for having them, and the stuff I consequently checked out, in there. Cheers, John!

Colorblind James Experience – Considering a Move to Memphis Go buy it here: Memphis

The Primitives – Stop Killing Me Go buy it here: Killing

The Flatmates – Happy All the Time Go buy it here: Happy

The Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress Go buy it here: Dress

And any Peel tribute wouldn’t be complete without this:

The Undertones – Teenage Kicks Go buy it here: Kicks

Links all repaired. Or done properly, if you prefer.