Late Night Stargazing

Can’t really let the weekend pass without mentioning this genius who shuffled off this mortal coil this week.

Regular readers will know that, much as I may have kicked against it when I was younger, my parents’ musical taste had a massive effect on the sort of things I listen to frequently now.

There was much country, quite a bit of classical music, more than a fair smattering of jazz, more than the occasional hearing of skiffle.

But there were a few records in their collection which, when played, just made you stop dead in your tracks and listen, so gorgeous, so majestic, so spell-binding were the sounds emanating from the speakers.

Roberta Flack’s First Take was one.

And then, in a whole different world, there was Scott 3.

Someone on Twitter – can’t remember who, not worth listening to their opinion anyway – got all snooty after he passed, claiming that if your touchstone with Scott Walker’s music was either The Walker Brothers or Scott 1-4 then you didn’t really know, or appreciate his music.

Well, sod that for an opinion. Each of those albums – and many most all of his other albums are just wonderful. But it was Scott 3 which my Dad had a copy of, and that was my introduction. It doesn’t matter where you come in, it’s where you end up that counts.

I don’t normally feature multiple songs in one post in this series, but this is Scott Walker, so I’ll make an exception. Because he was exceptional.

Here’s the songs which book-end Scott 3:

Scott 3

Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today

Scott Walker – If You Go Away

And just to wrap things up, a triumphant eulogy to a failed relationship, from his days as part of a pop trio, which I love despite (or perhaps because of) Midge Ure’s attempts to ruin/cover it:

No Regrets

The Walker Brothers – No Regrets

Man, I wish pop records still sounded like that.

And I haven’t even touched on the …Sings Jacques Brel album.

Rest in peace, Scott.

More soon.