Only Just Begun

Last sort-of football related post for the weekend.

Ok, not even slightly sort-of.

Firstly, and not through even slightly gritted teeth, congratulations to Liverpool. I can’t pretend that they didn’t deserve something out of this season, I’d just have preferred it not to have been at our expense.

Secondly, last night, as one of about two people in the bar Hel and I were in who was wearing a Spurs shirt, I attracted a little attention, some sympathy, but crucially some really nice conversations with fellow football fans, including, to my surprise, a couple of Arsenal fans, who were almost annoyingly lovely, complimentary, conciliatory.

Which made me feel a bit shitty for being pleased that Chelsea beat Arsenal on Wednesday night, but there you go. Sometimes you meet people who are nicer than you.

And, independently of each other, they both said that they admired what Spurs were doing, the progress they had made, and, they thought, will continue to make.

Which I think, I hope, is true. And knowing how my brain is wired, it made me think of this rather fine cover version from my favourite tribute album:

Grant Lee Buffalo – We’ve Only Just Begun

More soon.

How To Do a Cover Version

Oh go on then. Since I mentioned it, here’s the covers of all the songs which featured in the last post, lifted from that wonderful tribute album, “If I Were A Carpenter”.


Redd Kross – Yesterday Once More

I played this next one as the first record at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. Nobody thought I was even half as clever as I did.

Grant Lee Buffalo – We’ve Only Just Begun

Sonic Youth – Superstar

American Music Club – Goodbye to Love

They’re all great, of course, but as great or better than the originals? Hmm. Not sure. Damned close.

More soon.