Late Night Stargazing

More cover version fun now, and a song which is currently featuring in an advert for…actually, I’m not sure what it’s for, and even if I did know I wouldn’t give it a free advert here.

See, the thing with music used in adverts, it usually falls into one of three categories for me:

  1. Song that I love which immediately makes me feel annoyed it’s being used in an advert;
  2. Cover version of a reasonably well-known song, but performed by a (usually) female artiste playing either a piano or, more likely, a ukulele;
  3. The much rarer song or cover version which I’ve never heard before and instantly want to own.

Tonight’s song falls in to the third category. I’m not even particularly fond of the original, but I could listen to this singer recite my internet browsing history and adore it (although I’d rather he didn’t, and if he did, hope he wouldn’t record and release it to the likes of you.)

This version first appeared on the soundtrack to “I Am Sam”, and also featured as a bonus track on the US version of his 2001 album “Poses”, which explains why it had never crossed my radar before:

dbdb2285cf1bc5cc15de35e54bd502b5_953x953x1Rufus Wainwright – Across the Universe


More soon.

Footnote: I’ve just seen the advert again. It’s for an electronics company, trying to sell us stuff which will change our world, for the better. Note to the marketing guys: given the chorus of this song, this may not have been the wisest of choices to soundtrack your advert. Unless you were being ironic, which I doubt.