Until I got bored with writing a post a day a couple of weeks ago, Wednesday had developed into the place where I posted something “new”.

By “new” I generally mean an act that are new and up-and-coming, but today something new by a band who have been around for a while, but who I’d never heard of until this:

To me, a mark of a great record is when you hear the intro and mis-recognise it, believing it to be one record, but turns out to be something just as good, if not better, and you find that you’re not disappointed to be hearing a different song to the one you had anticipated.

For every time that Felony has cropped up on the radio recently, just for a few seconds my heart soars as I think they are about to play Spanky Wilson’s utterly wonderful version of Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love.

But even though it turns out they’re not, and even though I love a bit of Spanky (stop sniggering at the back please!) I think I’m just as happy, if not more so, to be hearing The Allergies.

Compare and contrast:

Spanky Wilson – Sunshine of Your Love

More soon.