Sunday Morning Coming Down

If you live in the UK, there are two things you need to have remembered today:

  1. The clocks went forward an hour last night, and
  2. It’s Mother’s Day today.

I did toy with the idea of posting a Country song with Mama, or Mother. in the title today, but other than Merle Haggard’s excellent Mama Said, which I’ve posted before, they all seemed kinda depressing.

Anyway, my mother doesn’t need a tune posting for her today, because she’s already had the best Mother’s Day present she could wish for: a visit from her second favourite son.

So instead, one of my favourite songs, which I’ve been meaning to post for yonks but somehow have never gotten round to.

And it’s relevant, because the title describes how everyone should feel when they go home to visit their folks:

Indigo Girls – Closer To Fine

Enjoy your day, UK Mamas.

More soon.