Late Night Stargazing

On Tuesday, at work, we had a department conference, followed by a ‘Christmas’ meal (it was in a local Turkish restaurant, so whilst delicious, it wasn’t especially Christmassy) and then a few of us went for a pint afterwards.

At some point during the day, someone said something which caused a penny to drop: shit! It’s Christmas next week!!

Somehow, as I’ve got older, I’ve become a bit more organised. Christmas is always spent at my parents, so all I have to do is turn up with presents, and maybe some booze. The presents aspect I had locked down months ago, so I genuinely hadn’t realised how close the day was.

And so my first thought was not about what I needed to buy, but rather this: bloody hell, I haven’t posted any Christmas songs yet!

And, strictly speaking, that isn’t going to change now, because this isn’t really a Christmas song, but it does always make me feel kinda Christmassy, in a good-will-to-all-men kinda way:

Freiheit – Keeping the Dream Alive

Mullets and other bad 80s hair-do’s: now that‘s what I call Christmassy.

More soon.