Tuesday Short Song

Following on from last week’s post, a song from ex-Pixies bassist Kim Deal’s off-shoot band.

In between the Pixies first splitting up and then (briefly) reforming with the original line-up, Deal formed The Breeders, and they released a couple of ruddy marvellous albums.

I mentioned a while ago that I picked up Felt’s Bubblegum Perfume in a music shop in Haverfordwest, and I first bought this record in the same town, only this time in their branch of Woolworth’s; it cost me 99p and I can see now why the firm went bust – they had no idea of the value of some of their stock.

Not that The Breeders Pod album is particularly rare or valuable, but it is wonderful and worth more than I paid for it.

I mean, it has Kim Deal singing on it waaaaay more than she was ever allowed to on Pixies records. And that alone is utterly impossible to evaluate in financial terms.

Have a listen and tell me I’m wrong – she practically purrs through this little beauty:

The Breeders – Fortunately Gone

More soon.