Although they’ve been around since 2010, and releasing albums since 2014, I can’t put my hand on my heart and say that I’d ever heard of, let alone anything by, Ibibio Sound Machine.

In fact, they only crossed my radar recently when I spotted the words “Hot Chip” in a review of their latest album, Electricity. Turns out, the Chippers produced this album, and members of the band appear on it, and that properly piqued my interest.

And I’m very glad it did.

This from wiki:

Ibibio Sound Machine is an English electronic afro-funk band…formed in London in 2010 by producers Max Grunhard, Leon Brichard, and Benji Bouton. The trio were interested in producing music fusing elements from 1980s afrobeat and ’90s drum-and-bass. They approached singer Eno Williams to create vocals for the project.

The band claims their sound is inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West African funk and disco, modern post-punk, and electro.

The name of the band itself finds influence from Eno Williams’ mother, whose native tongue was Ibibio. While Williams was born in London, she spent most of her childhood in Nigeria with the rest of her family. Her mother often recounted numerous folk and children’s stories from her own heritage and passed them on to her daughter. Williams took this inspiration and crafted lyrics from these sources and married them to modern themes.

Here’s Protection From Evil, the opening track from the album, which simmers along nicely, gradually building, until it properly goes off:

You can listen to more of the album via their website, here.

I would, if I were you.

More soon.