Late Night Stargazing

I’ve been greatly enjoying the re-runs of BAFTA winning BBC sit-com ‘Detectorists’ recently, and am very happy to learn that a third series is imminent.

If you’re not familiar with (it’s on Netflix if you fancy catching up), it follows Andy and Lance, members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club, which, granted, doesn’t sound particularly amusing. But it’s a wonderful ensemble piece, perfectly acted by all concerned, written and directed by, and starring Mackenzie Crook (as Andy), who you’ll probably know better as Gareth Keenan, the ex-Territorial Army paper salesman and butt of many jokes in ‘The Office’.

And it’s the theme tune to ‘Detectorists’ that I’m featuring tonight; a lovely little folk song that every time I’ve watched the show I’ve promised myself I’d track down, and then forgotten all about until the next time it was on. But finally, I’ve got round to seeking it out.

If you like the songs by Nic Jones that have cropped up on The Chain (editions #8 and #29 in case you’re interested) than I reckon you’ll quite like this too.


Johnny Flynn – Detectorists

More soon.