Acoustic Afternoons

Now, I know when I started this series, I said I would try to avoid just posting stuff from MTV’s behemoth “Unplugged” series, but sometimes I have to go there, because the some of the songs posted are just too darn good to ignore.

Such is the case with Eric Clapton’s appearance on the show.

I know it’s not exactly cool to like Clapton, but as regular readers will have noticed, that’s not a factor I really ever take into consideration when posting stuff here.

See, Clapton’s “Unplugged” album is pretty much perfect, featuring not only acoustic versions of some of his better known tracks, but also a whole host of covers of old folk and blues records which have influenced him. And, of course, it’s technically quite breath-taking.

So I’m going to widen this series out to include not only artists performing acoustic versions of their own records, but acoustic versions of other people’s songs, because, frankly, some of these are just too good to miss out on a technicality.

Here, then, is Slowhand performing a version of perhaps his best known song (although he didn’t record it under his own name originally, and, sadly, he forgoes the extended piano heavy play-out from the original album here) and one originally by Jesse Fuller.

I imagine you’ll be able to tell which is which:


Eric Clapton – Layla

Eric Clapton – San Francisco Bay Blues

Budding guitar players: the second tune is a great one to play along to.

Kazoo players, budding or otherwise: that goes for you too.

More soon.