Ba Ba Ba Ba-Ba Ba Ba Ba

Regular readers will recall that I used to write a series called “Claps, Clicks & Whistles”, which featured songs that included one or more of those three elements.

I say used to, it’s not dead, just…I haven’t thought of anything to write in the series for a while.

When I got bored of writing earlier this year, part of my back-to-work plan was that I’d not be quite so regimented about when I would post, I’d just dip into any particular series whenever I fancied doing so. Keep you all on your toes, so to speak. So y’know, watch this space.

Anyway, the original point of “Claps, Clicks & Whistles”, was that I thought that any song featured any of those elements was likely to be a cheery little number. And it occurred to me over the weekend that there’s a fourth category here, which I’m going to pretend I thought of ages ago but didn’t include because it would have meant the title didn’t scan so well.

And so here we are. Looking at songs which feature either the lead singer or, more often, the backing singer(s), launching into a chorus of Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba’s.

I don’t think there’s anything more joyous in pop records, except maybe the aforementioned claps, clicks or whistles, or possibly the key change in any record by either Westlife or Boyzone, because when that happens you know it’s nearly over. And I think this might just edge it.

Here’s an example: Julian Cope back in The Teardrop Explodes days, launching into a chorus of ba ba ba’s, interspersed with some whoa-whoa-whoas to the tune of “As Tears Go By”:


The Teardrop Explodes – Passionate Friend

Just glorious.

I already know I’m going to regret calling this series “Ba Ba Ba Ba-Ba Ba Ba Ba”, by the way. Tune in next time to see where the hyphen will feature.

More soon.