Last Saturday I was up stupidly early.

Plonked on the sofa, I channel surfed until I happened upon a channel called Talking Pictures TV.

It was a channel I was aware of previously, having noted that it screened old films I thought I should watch, but had not gotten round to.

Anyway, last Saturday I was delighted to see they were showing old editions of 1970s kids TV show Runaround. Hosted by comedian Mike Reid (in pre-Frank Butcher days), I had forgotten that amongst all the jollity of annoying kids trying to answer questions, there was always a band.

And last week it was Jona Lewie, with Kirsty MacColl providing backing vocals on this. Sadly, I can’t find a link to the actual Runaround footage, but here’s the best I can do, Jona and Kirsty included:

And here’s the proper version:

Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties

More soon. Probably next weekend, depending on who this weeks’guest is…