Sunday Morning Coming Down

Like I said yesterday, I’m keeping things short and sweet this weekend.

Anyone who knows where I am and why this weekend will know why this an appropriate record.

And if you don’t know where I am and why this weekend, it’s because I haven’t told you. So don’t ask.


Don Williams – I Believe In You

More soon.


Sunday Morning Coming Down

The thing about taking a hiatus, as I did recently, is that stuff still happens.

And much as I tried to take Alyson’s advice to resist the temptation to read other blogs whilst I was “resting up”, I couldn’t, and so it was that I found out that the “Gentle Giant” of country music, Don Williams had died.

He’s probably best known for this coming-of-age tale:


Don Williams – I Recall a Gypsy Woman

But there were many other wonderful songs in his back catalogue, one of which has featured here before, so I’ll skip that one and play a couple more:


Don Williams – Amanda


Don Williams – I’m Just a Country Boy

And this, covered by Eric Clapton back in 1978 (and listening to it, you can hear why he would):


Don Williams – Tulsa Time

Some of those lyrics are pure poetry. He may not have written them all, but he sure had an ear for a good rhyme and a tune.

He’ll be much missed round these parts.

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down


Today, another record by an artist who was very much a staple of my youth, in that my Dad owned a couple of his albums and they got played regularly.

Don Williams always seemed to be a laid back cowboy to me, his lugubrious drawl and spectacular sideburns a cool combination.

This is a little schmaltzy maybe, but it is rather great:


Don Williams – You’re My Best Friend

More soon.