How To Do A Cover Version

Rule No. 1: If you’re going to pick a song by a very well known, recently deceased person, don’t pick one of the songs he was was most known by.

For example: don’t go “Freddie’s dead? I’d better do a cover of Don’t Stop Me Now to show my empathy.”

Pick a semi-obscure sort of hit single from the mid-80s when they weren’t with their band and therefore attracting lots of attention. And then wait a while.

And then pick this:

Freddie Mercury – Love Kills

Freddie has a Metropolis lolly, and having a Metropolos lolly is the international sign language for anybody wishing to cover his songs.

And so, observing and understanding the bat-signal Freddie-flounce, several years later, you make this (which I don’t think ever got an official release – I picked this up on of those Buffetlibre promos that did the rounds 15 years or so again) happen:

Little Boots – Love Kills (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains remix)

Little Boots should have been a much bigger deal than the cards played out to her. Fact.

More soon.