Over at Drew’s consistently wonderful Across The Kitchen Table last week, he posted a rather fine mash-up of a Velvet Underground tune with a Christine Aguilera one (with a bit of The Communards thrown in for good measure).

I’ve talked about mash-ups here before, but just to recap: I think they can be great, but what annoys me about them is when the remixer goes a bit too far. Usually this means they have included a bit of the vocal from the backing track they’ve used, which always seems to me to be them pointing out what they’ve done, in a “Look at me, aren’t I clever?” kind of way. There’s no need, we already get it, and don’t need to have it explained to us to that degree.

That said, there are some that really work, the most famous of which, and which can probably be accredited with kick-starting the whole mash-up fad,  also involves Ms Aguilera:


Freelance Hellraiser – A Stroke of Genius

I’ve posted a couple of mash-ups before that I really like: Making Plans for Vinyl (XTC vs Tweet) and She Wants a Spank (N*E*R*D* vs Spanky Wilson) and so here’s a couple more: MIA: Wanted, Dead or Alive and Water Lily

More soon.