Leave a Light On

Having not been to any gigs for a while, I suddenly find that I have a relatively full diary for a few months.

One thing I’m going to (because I got a freebie: thanks Hel!) is Mighty Hoopla 2018 in Brockwell Park (that’s Sarf London), which along with many cheesy acts has Belinda Carlisle playing.

Now, obviously I adore her and The Go-Go’s, so I’m hoping to hear a rendition of Our Lips Are Sealed, one of the greatest singles of all time. I imagine this is unlikely as she will have very limited stage time, so I’m equally hoping that she sings this, not one of her better known/selling singles, but one that I absolutely love (and that has nothing to do with the cleavage, thank you very much):


Belinda Carlisle – Leave A Light On

Now here’s the thing: there’s a very real chance she will perform neither. This would be very disappointing.

But I follow Belinda on Twitter. So dear reader, your advice please: do I tweet her to ask her to sing one, or both, as a dedication…..? Just to be clear: I have no absolutely no qualms whatsoever about pretending to be terminally ill to make a shout-out happen…..

Answers on a postcard please. Or judge me in the Comments section.

More soon.