50 Ways to Prove I’m Rubbish #3

Just as I didn’t get The Jam until it was too late, so I didn’t have any time for Weller’s next project, The Style Council.

I was too young to fully appreciate the politics the songs contained and the music…well, to these ears it just seemed like all of the other bland, coffee-table soul tunes (see also: Sade) that were around in the early-to-mid 1980s.

In fact, I probably didn’t really appreciate the utter-stomping brilliance of this record until it cropped up in this (far too brief) scene in BBC’s 2007 political drama Party Animals, starring a pre-Dr Who Matt Smith:

Here you go:

Walls Come Tumbling Down Front

The Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down

Welcome to the Weekend.

More soon.



Same Title, Different Song

The more astute amongst you will have noticed that usually by this time of year, the last weekend in July, I’ve posted a whole load of summery songs over what turned out to be a brief summer.

This year, it seems the weather has managed perfectly well without my help, thank you very much, so I’ve stayed out of the way.

Until now.

Two songs, one which isn’t really about summer, but has the word in summer in the title, and evokes that whole Young Rascals/Isley Brothers summer groove, the other which is unashamedly about summer, unabashedly pop, and, as those of us who refuse to look down our noses at them know, unapologetically brilliant:


The Style Council – Long Hot Summer (’89 Mix)


Girls Aloud – Long Hot Summer

Now, let the rainclouds roll in and unleash. We need to grow food to stockpile.

More soon.

The Election Section V2.9

A change of plan, a Dubious Taste U-Turn if you like.

Instead of presenting “an overview of what the main parties are offering” – what’s the point? You all know what I’m going to say – just a few songs which sum things up for me:


The Housemartins – Sheep


Billy Bragg – Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards


The Redskins – Keep on Keepin’ On!


The Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down


Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – The Impossible Dream

Oh and this:

More soon.