Late Night Stargazing

And so the counting is over. I think.

The result has been called and accepted. By most people.

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of America.

And when I say “by most people”, you know who I mean: the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC who at the time of writing has refused to concede defeat and has announced that “it isn’t over yet”.

At least, that’s what we think he’s said, it’s pretty hard to tell. Twitter is his favourite method of dog-whistling to the racists, so let’s take a look at his Twitter feed:

Unbelievably, as Trump started tweeting his anger, along with his base-less accusations that the postal vote was rigged, Twitter finally grew a spine and started marking his Tweets which contained falsehoods.

So, let’s head to US news channel MSNBC to see what he’s got to say there instead:

Wow. Not just Twitter that has grown a spine: suddenly, finally, as CNN did the same thing, the mass media were doing the same.

Which leads me to my favourite Tweet from the past few days:

It’s a narrative that Trump has building for a while, that the postal vote was rigged, when in fact all that had really happened was that Biden had, mainly due to the pandemic, encouraged his supporters to stay home on polling day and post their votes in advance, whilst Trump continued to maintain his position that Covid is nothing to worry about and people should get out and vote on the day. Amazing though, I thought, how many of his supporters who turned up at polling stations, chanting “Stop the count!” were wearing facemasks all of a sudden.

All that said, it’s terribly bad form not to have conceded defeat by now. And the thing is, Trump knows it is. And how do we know this? Well there’s a saying on Twitter: for every Tweet he sends, there is a previous Tweet contradicting it. And on this occasion, it’s this one:

Everyone knows that Trump is a narcissist, who thrives on attention and viewing figures; there is now a movement on Twitter to #UnfollowTrump – that is, that everyone who followed him, y’know, just to keep an eye on him, should now unfollow him, and imagine his face turn a shade of slightly whiter-orange as he sees his follower figures crumble at the same time as his presidency.

Anyway, whilst Trump continues to play the victim card, tonight’s song seemed appropriate:

More soon