Friday Night Music Club

“Unlucky for some: thirteen.”

If you’re reading this then Congratulations! You managed to survive the week without either melting or spontaneously combusting, and your reward is another all new mix, Volume 13 in case you’re keeping count (and wondering what the bingo reference at the top of the page is). And yes, I am annoyed I couldn’t find an image of a bingo caller holding up the number 13.

“And what do you have in store for us this week?”, I hear you rasp through bone-dry throats.

Well, we kick off with a record which to these ears is synonymous with a chart countdown, for before Top of the Pops had Phil Lynott’s Yellow Pearl or Paul Hardcastle’s The Wizard as a theme tune, it had CCS’s version of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, a record which still provokes a Pavlovian reaction in people of a certain age, in the same way that the Pearl & Dean advert immediately makes us want to buy an ice cream and throw jelly babies at the dweebs in the front row of the cinema.

Then we’re straight into Camera Obscura’s hymn to the man who used to front The Commotions, and you’ll be surprised to learn that I don’t follow that up in the obvious way, but instead offer up some Divine Comedy, some Franz Ferdinand, my second favourite Killers record (no, it’s not Mr sodding Brightside, or that dreadful one about not being a “souldier”, whatever that’s supposed to mean) before John ‘Potty Mouth’ Grant earns one of these all by himself:

After that, we’ve some Roxy Music, some Charlatans, a bit of Bassomatic, followed by some songs inspired by watching recent reruns of Top of the Pops, neatly dodging some fisticuffs between Jimi Hendrix and the BMX Bandits over the affections of an Aussie pop-queen, before we head back to Indieland courtesy of Ride, The Mighty Lemon Drops and The Damned.

Rollicking good fun, in other words.

Which just leaves me to do the admin: any skips or jumps are down to the mixing software; any mis-timed mixes are down to me; all record selections are mine.

Here you go:

Friday Night Music Club Vol 13

Track-listing time:

  1. CCS – Whole Lotta Love
  2. Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
  3. Felt – Ballad Of The Band
  4. The Divine Comedy – Becoming More Like Alfie
  5. Franz Ferdinand – Darts of Pleasure
  6. The Killers – Bones
  7. John Grant – Chicken Bones
  8. Roxy Music – Street Life
  9. The Charlatans – Over Rising
  10. Bassomatic – Fascinating Rhythm (7″ Mix)
  11. East 17 – Deep (Breath Mix)
  12. The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Remix)
  13. Gloworm – I Lift My Cup
  14. Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know
  15. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Foxy Lady
  16. BMX Bandits – Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us
  17. Ride – Taste
  18. The Mighty Lemon Drops – The Other Side Of You
  19. The Damned – Eloise

And just in case that’s not enough for you, regular readers of JC’s legendary The Vinyl Villain blog will know that he has been kind enough to post another exclusive mix I lovingly prepared for him, this one on a summery theme. If you’re not a regular reader of JC’s legendary The Vinyl Villain blog then a) why not? b) what’s wrong with you? and c) you can rectify that immediately by popping over and seeing what I (and JC the rest of the time) have been up to here. And my many thanks to everyone who has left kind messages about the mix which is posted over there, they are truly appreciated.

No, I’ve just got something in my eye, s’all…

Now get out of here before I decide to post some Quo as a thank you.

More soon.

The Chain #4

When we last visited these shores, I posted the third song from Radcliffe & Maconie’s “The Chain” – officially the longest listener-generated thematically linked sequence of musically based items on the radio, and that song was Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay”, after which I invited y’all to make your suggestions for a record that could follow that in our list.

And I’m delighted to report that there was a real upward trend in suggestions, a 100% uplift if you will. Yes, that’s right, this time I got two suggestions.

Strictly speaking, I should choose just one of them, but that seems rather churlish, so I thought I’d post both.

First, Charity Chic suggested “Otis Redding to Noel Redding to Jimi Hendrix?” which very kindly  leaves the onus on me to select a Hendrix track to bedazzle you all with. Now I don’t claim to be the biggest Hendrix fan in the world, so I figured I’d just post what is probably my favourite track of his.


The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Crosstown Traffic

If you fancy seeing what sort of stuff Charity posts on a regular basis (and I would recommend that you do), you can pay him a visit by clicking here. (I could have sworn there was a permanent link to his site in the sidebar, but it seems not. Apologies CC old chap, consider that rectified!) (along with several other regular commenters’ blogs)

The other suggestion I received was from George, who I only very recently learned was the author of a very fine and now defunct and much missed blog I name-checked here a couple of weeks ago, “Jim McLean’s Rabbit”. His suggestion is very smart, so smart that a) I don’t fully understand it, and b) it led me to describe it as “comment showboating”, which was meant as a compliment, though I’m not sure if that’s how it came across.

Anyway, here’s George’s suggestion: “What about Dock of The Bay to The Bay City Rollers, originally known as The Saxons, to Sky Saxon, to The Seeds, and their single Can’t Seem to Make You Mine?”

I don’t need any second bidding to post this psych-garage growler, so George, cheers for the suggestion, keep them coming! Oh, and happy planting!


The Seeds – Can’t Seem to Make You Mine

Okay, so that’s our suggestions dealt with, but what is the next official record in The Chain, I don’t hear you excitedly clamour.

Well, it’s this, and I have to say I have no idea what the connection between it and the Otis Redding record may be:


4. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

So, suggestions please, via the Comments section below, for records that can feature next in Our Chain, which links to “Sweet Home Alabama”, and if you could explain the link too, as the contributors have done so far, that’d be great.

Oh, and if anyone out there can explain the connection between Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”, I’d be ever so grateful if you could fill me in, as it’s really starting to get on my tits now.

More soon.