New Mood on Monday

When writing and scheduling this post on Friday, I accidentally set it to be published at 7pm rather than 7am today. Doh! Still, better late than never. Maybe…

With the clock’s having gone forwards by an hour here in the UK at the weekend, I thought I’d post something relentlessly sunny and upbeat….although I suspect this may divide opinion somewhat…

Dario G – Sunchyme

Of course, playing that inevitably leads some spod somewhere to sidle up to you and say: “Of course, you know where that sample’s from, don’t you….?”

Well, yes. We all do. It’s from this, which is considerably less cheery (but still quite rousing in its own way), and which I’ll post just to save anyone from either trying to tell me, or moaning about me posting Dario “Bloody” G, as I’m sure he will become known:

The Dream Academy – Life In A Northern Town

More soon. (Possibly even at the right time….)