Sunday Morning Coming Down

A classic this morning, which I can’t believe I’ve not posted before. Given it’s a bit of a feminist anthem, it’s a little disappointing that it was written by a man (Tom T. Hall); there have been many versions recorded, but I’ve plumped for the most well-known performance by Jeannie C Riley (who later became a born-again Christian and tried to distance herself from it).

Harper Valley PTA tells the tale of Mrs. Johnson, a widow whose daughter is sent home from school one day with a letter, signed by the secretary of the aforementioned PTA (Parent-Teacher Association), which berates her for wearing her dresses way too high, claims she is running around with multiple men, drinking too much and basically claims she’s an unfit mother, setting a bad example to her daughter. 

The lyrics are mostly Mrs. Johnson’s words as she unexpectedly attends the next PTA meeting, picks out multiple members of the board, exposes their hypocrisy and in so-doing, tears each of them what I believe is called ‘a new one’.

It’s just….


Judge for yourself:

Jeannie C Riley – Harper Valley PTA

More soon.