The 100 Greatest UK Number 1 Singles #88

Another resurrected series, and this is another where I made the mistake of mentioning how many posts to expect in the series.

To recap: this is the series where I feature The Guardian’s idea of the 100 best UK #1s ever (if it were an album it would have ! at the end of that), and we see what I have to say about them (which usually isn’t much, to be honest).

Here’s what they had to say about the record which they put at #88:

“Like the Old Testament God, Craig chills on a Sunday, but unlike the Old Testament God, he spends Monday and Tuesday engineering sex and spends the rest of the days until the sabbath having it. We looked upon his creation and saw that it was good: his vocals, drilled in the dexterity of the garage rave, twine around delicate acoustic guitar lines like two lovers in Eden.”

Well, somebody sure took the biblical theme and ran with it, didn’t they?

It’s testament to how much this record entered the public’s psyche that you will often hear comic references to it, whenever somebody mentions any day of the week. For example:

“World War II ended on Sunday 2nd September 1945”

“Craig David would have just been chilling” etc etc.

Or more eloquently, this:

Although his career has been somewhat resurrected over the past few years, David blamed the portrayal of him on Channel 4 show Bo’ Selecta! as the reason for his slide from popularity, which itself was itself lampooned on the show (warning: includes a fair bit of effing an jeffing, and a rather abrupt ending):

Anyway, here’s the record which The Guardian placed at #88 in their list of the greatest UK #1s ever and of which I say: I can see the importance of this tune on the UK garage scene (by which I don’t mean that it inspired dads up and down the land to have a proper clear out of their man-caves (not a euphemism)), its just not my bag, but it’s alright really. I wouldn’t turn the radio off it it came on, put it like that. Which I’m sure you’ll agree is a thoroughly illuminating insight. (For what it’s worth, I always preferred Walking Away.)

Craig David – 7 Days

Given his hectic schedule from Wednesday to Saturday, it’s perhaps surprising that on his return he was packing this physique, which I’m not jealous of at all since his six-pack stomach just seems weird:

Why are none of his six-pack muscles (not a technical term: abs? Is that right? You can tell what kind of shape I’m in from my ignorance) located symmetrically, as one would expect? And what’s with that one on the left that looks like a duck?

More soon.

Friday Night Music Club

I was beginning to think this mix was jinxed.

I’ll explain, with some back story.

Firstly, I wanted to do a mix unlike the Not Christmas one, which I thought strayed a bit too far into the territories of cheese or chart music. Whilst it served a purpose, it wasn’t really indicative of the sort of tunes which usually feature here.

This one, though is a corker, even if I do say so myself.

Regular readers may recall that way back in the late 1980s, I started DJ’ing at college because I was fed up with being able to guess what song the indie DJs would play next. So imagine my annoyance when my own brother told me that on a previous mix he’d been able to predict my next choice a couple of times. Grrr.

But this mix has proved to be such a pain to complete; when I came to do it today, it tells me that some of the tunes have been played 22 times, which gives you an idea of how many times I’ve tried to get this one right. Pretty much once a week, since Christmas.

What’s gone wrong all those times? Well, on more than one occasion professional pride kicked in: I’ve messed up a mix between tunes, so have elected to start again.

On more than one occasion, preoccupied with playing Solitaire or Candy Crush just to have something to do whilst recording the mix, there’s a sudden, irretrievable silence where the next record should be. Oops!

Once I forgot to stop recording until an hour later, and, triumphant at how the mixes had worked out, I couldn’t understand why the mix lasted over 5 hours, until I listened to it.

The other problem is booze. More than once, I’ve taken drink to such an extent that I’ve forgotten I was doing a mix until the silence after one record has finished hits home and startled me awake.

Last weekend, I got to the third record from the end, and suddenly woke up to silence and realised I’d messed up again. That’s not an indictment of the standard of the mix, by the way, more an example of how drunk I’d gotten.

Even last night, when I finally nailed it, it was my second attempt of the night, having got through most of the mix when I had a drink-spillage event, which I thought I’d sorted, until, four records from the end, suddenly the sound cut out whilst the tunes kept playing and I had no idea if it was still recording the sound or the sound of silence.

Anyway, we’ve got here, and this has been a real pain, so if you could take a listen, that would be great.

I will confess that I have broken the golden rule of not featuring the same act more than once in this mix; this wasn’t intentional, but as the various run-throughs progressed, I simply forgot said acts already appeared as “featuring” acts. One is deliberate. Sue me (Please don’t).

Time for the usual disclaimer: any glitches, skips or jumps are down to the software or the uploading/downloading process, and nothing to do with my limited mixing skills.

Oh, and the usual “effing and jeffing” warning applies; it seems I’m incapable of doing a mix which doesn’t include more than the occasional swear.

I’m not posting a link to download here, other than the one to Soundcloud, where you can either download or stream it.

I couldn’t be bothered with the last ones, but I’ve done it this time: you’ll see a list of all the acts featured in this mix at the bottom of the page, so you can check whether this one’s likely to be your cup of tea before going to the hassle of actually listening to it. If you’re particularly short of things to do, you can try to guess which song I’ve picked by which artist. There’s fun.

But by way of a description: pretty much all life is here, from indie rock to 60s California hippy-shtick, some Old Skool dance classics, some hip-hop and some soul classics via some Northern Soul belters via some TV show theme tunes (sort of); there’s some hoary old rock and some psychobilly, and a couple of tracks which should have featured in a New post by now, but the bands in question played the 6Music festival last weekend so you’ll probably know them intimately by now. And, of course, there’s The Fall.

Easy on the cheese this time, there’s even some poetry so we can all pretend we’re intellectual. You’ll have chance to dance, sit and recover for a few moments, before getting back on it again.

Available for a limited time (i.e. until I do the next one), you can download or stream this on Soundcloud here:

Friday Night Music Club (Volume 4)

I hope you have as much fun listening to this as much as I had putting it together. And I found it utterly frustrating, so you’d better.

Oh, and it ain’t over ’til the fat bloke sings.

More soon.