Sunday Morning Coming Down

It seems like only yesterday that I last posted some Molly Tuttle, but a quick check, shows that, assuming I have tagged everything properly on here, it was actually back in 2019 that she last featured. A follow-up is, therefore, long overdue.

Fortuitously, the Californian songstress is back with a new album, released at the start of the month, but this time she has a credited band in tow: Golden Highway, whose name sounds like one of the bands with the weekly-changing moniker that Glen Ponder used to front on Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge (in order: Chalet, Debonair, Ferrari, Bangkok, Savour Faire, Lazarus and Golden Highway. See?).

Anyway, I digress (and, you’ll be surprised to note, I’ve managed to resist illustrating that last point with a clip from the show), Tuttle and the Highway’s (as the kids on the street are calling them) album Crooked Tree is a bluegrass beauty, replete with banjos, fiddles and even a spot of yodelling.

Here’s a track from it which ticks each of those boxes and to these ears also has a Plastic Jeezus-esque melody to it at the start:

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Nashville Mess Around

More soon.