Sunday Morning Coming Down

Following on from last week’s post in this series, I’m going to be ringing the changes a little.

Instead of being restricted to just Country records, I’m going to widen the net a little, to songs which have a Sunday-morning vibe about them. That will probably still include some Country records from time to time, just not exclusively so.

If you have generally liked what I’ve posted in this series before, then I reckon you’ll probably like what I have lined up going forwards. Trust me, I know what I’m doing!

Consider this a bit of a taste of things to come. With a somewhat appropriate title thrown in.


Spanky And Our Gang – Sunday Will Never Be The Same

See? Safe hands.

More soon.


Sunday Morning Coming Down

So here’s where we listen to a County record suitable for a Sunday morning.

Today’s song is a cover of a Hank Williams tune, however the performer is most certainly not a Country singer. Nor is the performance in a Country style.

But it’s more than suitable for posting here, and is just perfect for a Sunday morning.

And that’s because it comes from an album entitled “Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music”, and because it’s by no less a luminary than Ray Charles.

Get your ears round this:


Ray Charles – Hey Good Lookin’

More soon.


Sunday Morning Coming Down

Yesterday, I posted a song by Tracey and Melissa Beehive, a cover of a Johnny Cash song, which was lifted from an album called “‘Til Things Are Brighter – A Tribute to Johnny Cash” which I described as being “one of those typically patchy tribute albums that were all the rage once upon a time.”

This description seems to have been a little misconstrued; what I meant was that typically those tribute albums, which were all the rage once upon a time, could be a little on the patchy side. I was not describing “‘Til Things Are Brighter” as patchy, though I see why it might be thought that was what I meant.

And to prove it, here’s another tune from the same album:


Michelle Shocked – One Piece At A Time

Hope that clarifies!

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch Rich Hall’s Countrier Than You (which I see is back up on the BBC iPlayer, so I assume it’s been broadcast again without me noticing) then you’ll know that the boundary lines between folk and country music are blurred at the best of times.

A while ago, my brother and I converged on our parents’ house; after dinner he got out his iPad and, using his iTunes streaming subscription as the database, we played an impromptu game of The Chain. The iPad got passed round the table, and the lucky holder got to choose what record we heard next.

At some point, my brother played a song by this morning’s band, perhaps their most famous record, certainly their most commercially successful one. He looked genuinely wounded when I said he could have chosen something better by them.

In America, this would be classed as either Country, Folk or Bluegrass, but here in the UK we sniffily call this lot a bunch of crusties. Which shouldn’t detract from the fact that this, and a couple of other songs they did, are rather fine:


The Levellers – Far From Home

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

A couple of weeks ago, in the Claps, Clicks & Whistles series, I featured a song which had appeared on the soundtrack to a film I’d recently watched, called ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’.

Well, here’s another tune from the same soundtrack, by The Texas Sapphires.

The Texas Sapphires blend their country and rock roots (singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter Billy Brent Malkus grew up listening to classic country but started off in music by playing in several punk bands hailing from the Baltimore area; he also co-wrote “Tension Head” on the Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Rated R’ album) to play a concoction of vintage hillbilly, honky-tonk, and rock’n’roll.

But worry not, your ears are not about to be affronted, for today’s song is pure Country, as you can probably guess from it’s title:


The Texas Sapphires – Bring Out The Bible (We Ain’t Got A Prayer)

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

This morning, something a little more…erm…modern than usually features in this series.

I suspect I must have picked this up from one of my blogging peers somewhere along the line, not sure who, but thank you in case you’re reading.

** Update – it seems it was The Robster’s excellent Is This The Life? blog. Diolch i chi fy ffrind, he says, hoping that Google Translate isn’t taking the piss**

I love Echo & The Bunnymen, but I’ve always thought, as I’m sure you have too, just how much they’d improve if only they sounded a bit more Country, and got themselves a female lead singer.

Hey presto!


Diane Birch with The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Bring on the Dancing Horses


More soon.