Saturday Night Coming Up

Tonight, a tune which will always remind me of my old mate Dum-Dum.

Not his real name, obviously.

He, I and some others went to see Jon Carter play at Cardiff’s Emporium back in the day; he dropped this towards the end of the set and the place went wild.

There’s something about being described a “a sinner” in a club which is very appealing. A group mentality: we’re all together, we’re all sinners, and we’re all fine with that.

It was one of ‘those’ moments where it felt good to be alive, good to be out clubbing and, probably crucially, good to be absolutely off our nuts. This should not be considered an endorsement of all things Class A.

A few days later, Dum-Dum dropped a CD round at mine, which had this tune on it.

At the time, sample rights (you’ll recognise the problematic sample) had not been ironed out, so it didn’t get an official release, but as I researched it (!) now, it seems those issues must have been straightened out for there it was, on a label and everything.

More soon.