The Sample Life

Today, one of the most iconic tunes from the world of rap (which is nothing like World of Leather, or World of Twist for that matter):


N.W.A. – Express Yourself

I’ve owned a copy (on mp3, admittedly) of the original for quite a while now, but knew nothing about the artiste that recorded it, so I did a little research on them for this post, only to find that they used to be Bill Cosby’s touring band, so I decided it’s probably best I don’t say anything else, just in case it happens to be libellous. Besides, I just had what appears to be a perfectly innocent looking drink passed to me and I’m suddenly feeling  little woozy after sipping it…

So, here’s the original record with no further comment:


Charles Wright and The Watts 103 Street Rhythm Band – Express Yourself

More soon.