Sunday Morning Coming Down

It’s not often that I can introduce you to records where the main vocal is provided by former Blue Peter gardener Percy Thrower. In fact, this will be the only time.

I’ll go further: today’s record continues the BBC’s, and by extension Blue Peter’s, remit to both entertain and educate.

Don’t let that put you off though; today’s track is by the saucily titled Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve (google it, but not at work), which, to the uninitiated, is the moniker under which Erol Alkan (who I have eulogised about on these pages before, and doubtless will again) and Richard Norris (of The Grid, and The Time and Space Machine, who I can also recommend) release their psycho-balearic loveliness.

If all of that isn’t enough of an enticement to you to listen to this morning’s tune, then I don’t think I can do much else. You are beyond help.


Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve – Winter in June

Nice that, innit?

More soon.