Almost, But Not Quite There

On Monday, I posted Weezer’s Buddy Holly, and it reminded me of another song, the lyrical content of which was not too far removed from the sentiment of the Weezer track.

I speak, of course, of the original Green Cross Code Man, Mr Alvin Stardust:

And lo! A new series was born. (But I’ve only thought of one record so far, so don’t hold your breath for part two…)

At Dubious Towers, ridiculously named Bernard Newry, Shane Fenton Alvin Stardust is famous for eight things:

  • His Green Cross Code adverts (see above: “See you later, girls!”);
  • His ‘Coo Ca Choo‘ (not as rude as it sounds, I hope);
  • His black leather cat suit and glove;
  • Being married to TV’s Liza Goddard;
  • His single I Won’t Run Away, about standing by a young girl he has gotten pregnant (admirable), but which he released in 1984, when he was in his early 40s (not quite so admirable…);
  • Accidentally setting his hair on fire at a gig at one of Peterborough’s top venues (I can find no mention of this online, but I bloody well remember reading about it at the time, and thinking: “Man alive, the amount of Elnett needed to sustain that quiff would have burned!”);
  • Briefly appearing in Hollyoaks (OK, I didn’t know that one until I researched this post);
  • This single, from 1984, which – even though it was released ten years earlier – evokes the spirit of the aforementioned, and far superior, Weezer tune.

You see, Alvin also knew how Buddy Holly felt (but Mary Tyler Moore didn’t get a look in, which is perhaps where he went wrong).

For some inexplicable reason (sense the tone), this is not so fondly remembered as the Weezer tune:

Alvin Stardust – I Feel Like Buddy Holly

Now. I think that long-time readers will have seen through my cunning ruse, for although I fully intend to make this a series once I’ve thought of some other songs to post in this category, this has clearly just been an excuse to post some long overdue Ted Chippington.

Guilty as charged:

Ted Chippington – Feel Like Buddy Holly

Pure genius.

More soon.