New Mood on Monday

With severe heatwave warnings looming over the country, I figured it was about time I posted something summery as our uplifting tune of the week.

But what to choose? There are so many.

And so, seeking inspiration, I typed the word “hot” into the search function on iTunes, sat back and waited.

My eyes fell upon not a song with the word “hot” in the title, but a band with it in instead. A song which I first heard on a punk and new wave cassette called Sounds of the Suburbs which I borrowed from the same library I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (here), and which I suspect is the same compilation as JC mentioned in passing over at his place recently, when writing about one of the greatest singles ever (fact!).

Once my eyes had alighted upon the tune, my mind was made up about what was going to feature today. Okay, it’s not even slightly summery – although I imagine it sounds great driving round in a convertible, roof down, stereo on, like what they do in the films – but it most definitely sends out the requisite positive message to get your week started.

Here you go:

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Do Anything You Wanna Do

Stay safe and cool folks.

More soon.