Sunday Morning Coming Down

Regular readers will know that my preference for a ‘type’ of Country music to feature here is from the pre-1980s, outlaw type, a la Cash, Kristofferson, Haggard etc etc.

Country music, in my opinion, got a bit too polished in the 80s, and it’s only recently that I’m starting to discover new country acts who seem to be wanting to recreate that more authentic, earthy, sound I like.

Such is the case with Hayes Carll (yes, it may seem like Yoda is trying to pronounce his name, but I promise you, those words are the right way round).

Today’s tune is lifted from his 2021 album You Get It All, which doesn’t exist according to his Wiki page, so somebody really should update that sometime.

This has a kinda bluegrassy feel to it, and is one of those “I didn’t get the girl” records Country does so well.

It also features Aaron Raitiere (nope, me neither – but a quick Google sweep tells me he’s won a Grammy for a song which he co-wrote with Lady Gaga, “I’ll Never Love Again”, which appears in the Gaga-starring A Star Is Born which I haven’t watched, but may well do now).

Anyway, I really like this:

Hayes Carll (feat. Aaron Raitiere) – Any Other Way

NB: I now, as a rule, check I haven’t already posted a song before, and will only feature it if either I haven’t done so before, or if I have that it was ages ago and deserves another airing. So imagine my suprise, thinking this album was all I owned by Mr Carll (I feel like Basil Brush referring to him that way), that a quick scan of old posts tells me he actually featured back in 2016 when Charity Chic (a link to his blog is in the sidebar) suggested a tune by him as part of The Chain.

See, he’s always right, is our CC.

More soon.