Late Night Stargazing

When I first started writing this series, I promised myself that I would try to avoid the tunes which used to crop up on those chill-out compilations which were rife at the end of the 1990s/start of the 2000s.

Mostly, I’ve managed this, but occasionally a tune occurs to me which I first heard via one of those mix CDs, and which is just too soaringly beautiful and perfect for this series to ignore.

This one:

Terry Callier – Love Theme From Spartacus (Zero 7 Remix)

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Time for some more late night Saturday into Sunday gorgeousness, and frankly they don’t come anymore gorgeous than tonight’s selection.

In the early 2000’s (is that what we refer to them as? I do so hate the phrase ‘The Noughties’) chill out compilation albums were dominating the charts, and it was on one such album that I first encountered tonight’s record.

Someone had left a copy of some Ibiza Chill-Out album or other laying around the office, so one night when I was working late I popped it into the battered old CD player which occupied a place close to my desk.

There were several songs which I could and probably will post here at some point, but there was one which simply took my breath away:


Terry Callier – Love Theme From Spartacus (Zero 7 Remix)

Blimming gorgeous that, innit?

More soon