Late Night Stargazing

Can’t really let the weekend pass without mentioning this genius who shuffled off this mortal coil this week.

Regular readers will know that, much as I may have kicked against it when I was younger, my parents’ musical taste had a massive effect on the sort of things I listen to frequently now.

There was much country, quite a bit of classical music, more than a fair smattering of jazz, more than the occasional hearing of skiffle.

But there were a few records in their collection which, when played, just made you stop dead in your tracks and listen, so gorgeous, so majestic, so spell-binding were the sounds emanating from the speakers.

Roberta Flack’s First Take was one.

And then, in a whole different world, there was Scott 3.

Someone on Twitter – can’t remember who, not worth listening to their opinion anyway – got all snooty after he passed, claiming that if your touchstone with Scott Walker’s music was either The Walker Brothers or Scott 1-4 then you didn’t really know, or appreciate his music.

Well, sod that for an opinion. Each of those albums – and many most all of his other albums are just wonderful. But it was Scott 3 which my Dad had a copy of, and that was my introduction. It doesn’t matter where you come in, it’s where you end up that counts.

I don’t normally feature multiple songs in one post in this series, but this is Scott Walker, so I’ll make an exception. Because he was exceptional.

Here’s the songs which book-end Scott 3:

Scott 3

Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today

Scott Walker – If You Go Away

And just to wrap things up, a triumphant eulogy to a failed relationship, from his days as part of a pop trio, which I love despite (or perhaps because of) Midge Ure’s attempts to ruin/cover it:

No Regrets

The Walker Brothers – No Regrets

Man, I wish pop records still sounded like that.

And I haven’t even touched on the …Sings Jacques Brel album.

Rest in peace, Scott.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Apologies for the radio-silence for the past however long it’s been (and thank you to those who got in touch to check I hadn’t actually died this time); fret not, I’m well.

Truth be told, after finding a bit of a flourish writing about my recent hospital exploits, I’ve run into the usual brick wall that is trying to think of things to write about in January.

Call it the New Years Blues if you like. Or Seasonally Affected Blogging.

Or let’s call it what it really is: I couldn’t be arsed, and couldn’t think of anything interesting to impart which might lift the winter fug.

Also: I started back to work this work, the first time I’ve ventured to the office in almost three months. But more of this later.

In the meantime, a late night tune which popped up on my iPod on the way back home from work the other day (or maybe it was on the way in…already the working life is a real blur…I dunno…does it matter…?), the title of which (the first bit, not the bit in brackets) seemed appropriate for to end my New Year lull:


Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)

A couple of 2019 admin points for you:

  1. I’ve gone back to using to share the mp3s I post here, as I know some of you (predominantly Google Chrome users, I think) were unable to access the links when I was using PixelDrain (as I have for the past year or so). If anyone remains unable to play/download stuff I post, please let me know via the Comments or at the email address you’ll find somewhere on this page, and I’ll see what I can do);
  2. As with a recent post, in the unlikely event that there’s a tune you want to hear that I’ve previously posted but the link is dead, leave me a Comment on the page in question and I’ll do my darndest to reupload as soon as I can;
  3. I’ve been writing this blog for over five years now – yet it seems this is this the first time I’ve ever posted any Scott Walker. How the heck did that happen…??

More soon.

** UPDATE – I’ve received notice that there’s an issue with accessing the tune via, so here’s an additional link for it via PixelDrain:

Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)

Sorry ’bout that and all that.