Get Off My Playlist! #2

Following on, as threatened promised from yesterday’s post, here’s another sun-related song which was originally included in, but didn’t make the end cut of, the summery mix I prepared which JC posted over at his place last week.

This one was bumped for the simple reason that, whilst it has the word “sun” in the title, it’s not in the least bit summery. Unless I’ve completely misunderstood its subject matter for the past 37 years (ouch!), it’s about the power of television and the version of life which it presents.

It’s an absolute barn-stormer, which I’ve always been rather amused that it was this which reached the #1 position here in the UK, as opposed to the much more famous and fondly remembered Take On Me:

a-ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV

The main reason that Take On Me is more fondly remembered is because of that video, with lead singer Morten Harket enticing a young lady into an adventure in a comic book. You know the one:

Which leads me to this, posted on Twitter by the very funny Olaf Falafel:

But I digress; filmed in the Victorian Gothic church of Saint Alban the Martyr, the video for The Sun Always Shines on TV was a much more straight-forward band performance affair:

I’ve often wondered whether this was an influence on the recently departed Cathal Coghlan when making this promo for Snub TV (probably not, but it gives me a good excuse to post it):

More soon.