Late Night Stargazing

Coincidentally, after she cropped up by way of vocalist on the One Dove track I included in one of my Friday Night mixes a couple of weeks ago, Dot Allison has a recently released a new album Heart-Shaped Scars, her first album of new material in yonks.

Don’t be mislead by the mention of One Dove though, for this is far from sounding anything like that previous incarnation. For where back then there was all electronica, dub bass and drum machines (made in collaboration with the late, great and much missed Andrew Weatherall, of course), now there are gently picked acoustic guitars and cooing breathy vocals to die for, like she’s showing the creators of one of my favourite albums from 2020, This is The Kit’s Off Off On, how it’s done.

In other words: it’s a beauty.


Dot Allison – Can You Hear Nature Sing?

Told you.

More soon.