Sunday Morning Coming Down

I’ve mentioned many times on these pages that this is one of my favourite songs ever, and have posted several different versions of it. But never before have I posted the version recorded by the man who wrote it, Mike Nesmith of The Monkees fame (or Michael Nesmith as he is known here, a bit like when footballer Andy Cole started insisting he be referred to as Andrew as he wanted to seem a bit more grown up and sophisticated).

There’s a compilation album out which brings together a load of “lost” recordings from when he was signed to the RCA Victor label, and which features the song in question. I’ve not had chance to listen to the whole album yet, but the songs I have listened to leads me to think this is as album which will feature on these pages again.

In the meantime, this, a more honky-tonk version than I’ve previously featured:

Michael Nesmith & the First National Band – Different Drum (Alternate Version)

More soon.