The Election Section #6


This was a glaring omission from my recent post where I posted songs relevant (debatably) to the smaller parties. I’m doing them a dis-service by referring to them thusly, for which I apologise.

Anyway, time for a sing-song. Altogether now……

No? Ok, some help. I don’t want to turn into one of those sites that just posts lyrics for you to chew over, but go on then, just this once:

“Deffrwch Cymry cysgld gwlad y gan
Dwfn yw’r gwendid
Bychan yw y fflam
Creulon yw’r cynhaeaf
Ond per yw’r don
‘Da’ alaw’r alarch unig
yn fy mron

Everyday when I wake up
I thank the Lord I’m Welsh

Gwledd o fedd gynhyrfodd Gymraes swil
Darganfyddais gwir baradwys Rhyl

Everyday when I wake up
I thank the Lord I’m Welsh”

Now. I am not Welsh. I do not speak Welsh. All I know is that my spell-checker has just had a hissy fit.

But I do think the Welsh accent and language are things of beauty. And I also think that the survival of the Welsh language is key to Wales retaining it’s national identity.

And here’s someone else who it would seem agrees with me: The Wedding Present – 1000 Fahrenheit (Welsh Version)