I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Hello from Tier 4!

You’ll forgive me if I refrain from wishing you a Merry Christmas, because to do so would betray the philosophy which I hope will get me through the next few days. I’ll explain, and you are more than welcome to adopt it.

It’s quite simple: there is no Christmas this year.

All you folks who are lucky enough to be meeting with your friends and families, I hope you have a wonderful day, I really do.

However, this year I will be spending my first ever Christmas on my own.

See, for the rest of us, today is just Friday.

But don’t get me wrong: Fridays are days which should be celebrated. And celebrate we will. There will be a mix available later specifically geared toward those who are on their own, but which others can get on board with.

So, since for many of us today is not Christmas, just another day of sitting at home, watching TV in our pants, but shovelling mince pies and sausage rolls into gaping gobs, this:

Yes, I’m surprised I didn’t post The Wedding Present’s No Christmas too.

I’ll be back later with a splendiforously non-Christmas mix for you all.

By which I mean: more soon.

It’s Chriiiistmas!!!

Ok, so it might be more than a couple of tunes a day….

Moving swiftly on to the other side of the pond, some New Yawkers Christmas tuneage:


Julian Casablancas – I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Hearing that, I can’t help but think that the lead singer of New York band The Strokes was in some way trying to emulate the lead singer of New York band The Ramones:


Joey Ramone – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Whilst it was released a good few years after The Ramones worked with loaded gun-toting Leo Sayer tribute act Phil Spector, you can’t help but think there’s more than a nod here to this:


Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

I could literally post about a dozen versions of that, but I’ll spare you. For now.

Next, just to get us back on the New York tip,  a free download which I don’t have to feel guilty about posting:

Blondie - 2009  We Three Kings

Blondie – We Three Kings

And to round things up, a track from the 1987 charidee album “A Very Special Christmas”:


Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis

More soon.