How To Do a Cover Version

A couple of weeks ago, prompted by a post on this thread, a friend and regular reader (hello!) got in touch with me to a) ask how I felt about foreign language cover versions, and b) suggest one to feature here.

Well, this isn’t her suggestion (which will feature at some point), but it is definitely an answer:


The Ukranians – Batyar

Regular readers will know that I do a thread of cover versions that The Wedding Present have done, and there is of course an EP (again, which will feature here at some point) of a Peel Session that exists where they perform a host of cover versions in a Ukranian style. This though is from the band formed by Pete Solowka (or Grapper, or “Take it away, Grapper!” as he was more commonly known in his Wedding Present days) after he had been booted out of left the band shortly after the completion of their “Seamonsters” album, around 1991.

Anyway, this is the original, but you already knew that, right?


The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again

ще найближчим часом (More soon, according to Google Translate)