Saturday Night at the Eurovision Song Contest

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit annoyed this is happening tonight.

See, I’m due to have my second Covid vaccination tomorrow (yes, I’m that old the GP surgery is opening especially), so I figured I’d better not turn up pissed, which means playing Eurovision Bingo – where you down a shot after every predictable thing that happens at the Contest – is a no-no for me.

This year, the UK is represented by James Newman, with his song Embers. In comparison to our recent entries, it’s actually not bad. Not something I’d buy, but certainly better than our Englebert and Scooch entries.

James will be performing 9th on the night, which is just one after those of us in the UK who don’t have to attend a GP surgery the following day, will be raising a glass to the late great and much missed Sir Terry Wogan, who used to commentate on the proceedings for us, and who would hold off having a drink himself until the 8th song.

I’ve not had chance to check out any of this year’s entries bar our own, so instead, here, from 2008, is France’s entry, which is pretty ruddy great in my book:

Sebastien Tellier – Divine

More soon.

Friday Night Music Club

Evening all.

Friday night is upon us once more, which means it’s time for the next five songs in the Friday Night Music Club playlist.

Given the horrific events in Paris last Friday, I wish I could say that I had planned to include the first two tunes as a show of solidarity with our Gallic brothers, but alas, it’s a coincidence. If I was that smart, they would have been in last week’s selection. Still, cracking tunes though.

stereolab-french-disko-duophonic-super-45s 26. Stereolab – French Disko

sebastien-tellier-divine-remixes-by-midnight-juggernauts-a-danger-12 27. Sebastien Tellier – Divine

Next up, we have the ultimate in pioneering “made in a bedroom” tuneage:

R-119353-001_jpg 28. White Town – Your Woman

And to finish, two songs which are nowhere near as well known as they should be. First, an utterly bonkers song featuring an hypnotic chorus with the words “vanilla strawberry knickbocker glory ” repeated over and over, followed by a verse which talks about seeing the ghost of Lena Zavaroni, a child star and winner of 1970s talent show Opportunity Knocks. Her story is an utterly tragic mood-killer, so we shan’t dwell on it any further here.

Fujiya & Miyagi_Knickerbocker (Promo CD) 29. Fujiya & Miyagi – Knickerbocker

And finally, this song, which from its opening rip-off of (sorry, I mean homage to) “Be My Baby” through to it’s just wonderful title is a joy from start to finish (and yes I appreciate that’s technically from just before the start to the start, but that doesn’t scan as well…)

515J61WYR9L 30. Johnny Boy – You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve

More soon.