Sunday Morning Coming Down

Today is Glastonbury ticket resale day, when all those who were unlucky and didn’t get a ticket first time around battle to try and buy one that was originally bought by someone who was lucky enough to get one first time around, but is now unlucky enough not to be able to attend.

Stepping away from the usual Country fare I post here, this seemed appropriate:


Rose Murphy – Busy Line

Yes, I know that you no longer ring up to try and buy them, it’s all done online, but do you know of any songs called “Timed Out – Your Credit Card Has Not Been Charged”, or “This Screen Will Automatically Refresh in 30 Seconds”? No, thought not.

I won’t be going this year, but I shall be watching from the comfort of my sofa, nice and close to the beer fridge and the non-long drop toilet, but sadly a long way away from Andy’s Vodka Alchemy (you will need to have read my posts about last year’s festival to understand that), or, more specifically, I’ll be seeing what’s on the Red Button when the frankly underwhelming Pyramid Stage headliners are on.

Anyway, good luck everybody!

More soon.