Late Night Stargazing

And we’re back in the room.

Apologies for the break in service folks. Although I notice that I had as many visitors as normal, if not more, without posting anything. I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not, to be honest.

Anyway, a beautiful tune for our late night shenanigans tonight, and one that without fail reminds me of my clubbing days. This was a “Cool House” (the club-night we went to most regularly) classic, often played towards the end of the night as things were winding down.


Laurent Garnier – The Man With the Red Face

The first time I remember hearing it played out, I was with my mate Rob and, it’s fair to say, we were both a little worse for wear. We both grinned to each other as we recognised the opening chords, and Rob leant in and shouted “See this?” he pointed upwards to the sound-system and the shimmering tune that was pulsing down on us. “Hardest tune in the world to mix in, this.” I smiled and nodded, trying to look impressed and admiring, never having tried to mix this, or any other tune, in all my days Indie DJ’ing. No call for it back then, see. Just fade in/fade out.

A few months later we were out and it came on again.(I wouldn’t want to give you the impression that the same tunes got played every month at “Cool House”, but the resident DJs definitely had a handful that were their favourites to play in the last half hour or so. I’ll flag them to you as and when they come up. They’re all great tracks, and had the added benefit from their point of view, of letting us know it was nearly home time).

Rob leaned in and shouted: “”See this? Hardest tune in the world to mix in, this.”

“I know”, I replied.

“You do? You’ve tried?”

“No, you told me last time they dropped it, you muppet!”

And so we had a catch-phrase, uttered whenever “The Man With The Red Face” got played again, and quite often when it wasn’t, just to take the piss.

More soon.