Saturday Night Coming Up

Last Saturday, we left our hero (that’s me, by the way) having just dropped for the first time, standing (I can’t claim I was dancing, although there was definitely some sort of rhythmical movement going on. Twitching seems more accurate), sweat pouring off me, staring out of the glass ceiling of the conservatory part of the bar we were in, rubbing the top of my head and trying to avoid eye contact with anybody, as I was pretty sure I’d be rumbled.

I mentioned two songs that I remember being played that night, and posted one. This is the other; many people seem to get the name of the act and the song mixed up, presumably because the name of the act is mentioned in the song, but the song title isn’t.

Confused? You will be. I know I was.


Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

I think, responsible adult that I now am, I should add a little footnote to these posts. Even though I mention having taken drugs in these posts, this should in no way be construed as me condoning or recommending you do the same. Don’t do ’em, kids.

More soon.