50 Ways To Prove I’m Rubbish #16

Generally, I can come up with a good excuse why I didn’t buy a particular record “back in the day”.

No such luck with today’s choice, I’m afraid.

For I thought this was a brilliant pop single back in 1984, and nothing has happened in the intervening 35 (ouch!) years to make me change my mind.

And yet, back then, my pocket money remained, inexplicably, just that: money in my pocket.

I don’t need to say any more, other than to shrug my shoulders and point to the title of this post:

Laura Branigan – Self Control

More soon.

Sounds Familiar…

Before the lawsuits start getting pushed through my letterbox – although it would be nice to get a letter that wasn’t telling me that I’ve gone over my limit on my credit card (again), or that the cost of one of my essential utilities is going up (again),  I should stress that I am definitely not saying that one of the songs I’m posting this morning nicked any element of its composition from the other.

But what I am saying is that when I hear this, from 2005:


Pulp – Disco 2000

…often – not always, but often (okay, every time I hear it) – I’m reminded of this, from 1982:


Laura Branigan – Gloria

I can’t think why.

Welcome to the weekend.

More soon.


“They’re Dead Now, Of Course.”

I mentioned Self Control in that last post, so this seems a sensible place to go next.

My boss Kay’s birthday is about a week after mine.

Since nobody else on our team a) lives locally b) drinks as much as the two of us do, or c) is considerate enough to have a birthday round about when we do, we’ll generally go the pub after work on a Friday somewhere around our respective advents for a couple of wee drinkies.

Such was the case this year, and during our increasingly drunken conversation Kay told me about a running joke (if you can call it that) she has with her friends, about people who get referenced in conversation, and at some point someone will utter the words “They’re Dead Now, Of Course.” Simple pleasures, folks.

A night or two after we went drinking I was watching the fantastically retro-facing “Top of the Pops 1984” on BBC4 and this song came on, a song I loved at the time, but which nestles quite neatly into the “They’re Dead Now, Of Course” category:


Laura Branigan – Self Control

That said, I hadn’t realised quite how dark, pervy and gimp mask-tastic the video was when I was younger…:

Still think it’s a brilliant record, mind.

More soon.