Late Night Stargazing

I try (unsuccesfully, I might add) to avoid knowingly posting the same song twice here, but my lack of knowledge (read: I don’t like them) about tonight’s band demands I do so on this occasion.

I’m going to have to revisit my recent health issues, and particularly the arthritic-type pain I’m getting in my hand and arms.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to go to work this week, as I was physically unable to get dressed: I couldn’t do the buttons on my shirt, or tie my shoelaces. It’s a quite a liberal office, but turning up with my belly out and no shoes on would probably be frowned on, I think. Or at the very least generate some rather embarassing YouTube footage.

Because I’ve been away from the office so much recently, I feel terrible about not being there, partly because it puts an added pressure on my colleagues who are there, but also, selfishly, worries about the safety of my job start to arise.

So tonight, I wanted to place on record my thanks to my boss – and friend (and historically it’s not often I say that about fellow employees, let alone bosses) – Kay, who has been typically wonderful, helpful and understanding thoughout all of my recent hardships.

She has not only had to work loads more hours than can reasonably be expected of any normal human being, doing her own extremely cumbersome workload whilst also trying to sort my stuff out whilst I’ve been off, but has also made it very clear to me that she values me as a work colleague and will do as much as she possibly can do to ensure nothing bad employment-wise happens to me.

I only own one tune by this lot, who she loves and I think rather dull, so I hope you’ll forgive this repost. But Kay: I probably don’t say it enough but thank you for everything you’ve done, you have no idea how much it’s appreciated.

This is for you and, if you must, Minelli, your sodding cat that you never shut up about:


The XX – Night Time (Greg Wilson Remix)

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

I can’t put my hand on my heart and say I’m particularly fond of The XX, which I realise leaves me out on a bit of limb compared to many of my peers here in the blogosphere. Dunno what it is, they just don’t do anything for me.

I can put my hand on my heart and say that I’m particularly fond of much that Greg Wilson does though.

Were it not for having Mr Wilson’s stamp of approval, I probably wouldn’t have given this a second listen:


The XX – Night Time (Greg Wilson Remix)

Pretty glad I did though.

More soon.