Sunday Morning Coming Down

Last Saturday I was due to head back to London and meet up with all my old gang, some of whom I’ve not seen since the first lockdown kicked in, for an afternoon and evening of eating and drinking. I took a Lateral Flow Test that morning which, despite me having no symptoms, told me that I had tested positive for Covid.

I’ve read a lot about the tests giving false results, but I didn’t want to risk passing it on to any of my friends, or any of the other people on public transport I would encounter travelling there and back.

And then on Sunday afternoon I started feeling really quite unwell, and I’ve pretty much been in bed or under a duvet on the sofa ever since. Whilst that was super annoying, it did give me chance to revisit a load of records I’d not listened to in their entirety for a long time.

Including the masterpiece that this morning’s choice comes from, which cannot be described as country music in any way, shape or form, which probably explains why I don’t seem to have ever posted anything from it before; however, I really wanted to share something from it and here seemed to be where it felt most at home, so here we are.

If you’ve never heard anything from this record before, the best I can do is suggest you think Fleet Foxes meets The War On Drugs.

Actually, that’s the second best thing I can do; the best thing is suggest you let a bit of Midlake ease you into Sunday, via a track from 2006’s peerless The Trials Of Van Occupanther:

Midlake – Head Home

More soon.