Sunday Morning Coming Down

Before I go any further, my apologies for the delayed response/approval/liking of some of the comments left here since I reappeared.

Ordinarily I would respond via the WordPress app on my phone, but there seems to be some sort of a glitch with that at the moment, immediately crashing whenver I try to open it. It’s probably been like that since the last update, but I’ve not had cause to use it for the past few weeks. Tonight is the first chance I’ve had to fire up my laptop and react to the comments, so sorry for the unintended radio silence.

Especially as my post about disappearing social media footprints seems to have touched a few nerves; it’s nice to know when something you write hits the target, slightly less so when you realise you may have inadvertently been responsible forreopening some old wounds.

I’ll try to reply to each of you who left comments about their own experiences when I can think of something which doesn’t sound mealy-mouthed or vacuous.

And to the couple of people who left comments for the first time this week: hello, and you’re very welcome here.

So for those of you who are new to my little corner of the internet, on a sunday moning (UK time) you should find a little gem of Country music here. Many of the same acts – Cash, Kristofferson, Pride – will appear here often, others less so.

This morning, a tune featuring a Country star who is perhaps better known than any other, accompanied by her former singing partner Porter Wagoner.

I’m a little bit behind watching the excellent series currently airing in the UK on BBC4 of a Friday Night, wittily entitled Country Music and produced by Ken Burns (or as it’s billed over here: Ken Burns Country Music which just sounds like Barbie’s old beau has a grudge), but I imagine Wagoner has got a mention, given that he was known as ‘Mr Grand Ole Opry’ and apparently racked up 81 hit singles between 1954 and 1983.

This is one of them, a cover of a Tom Paxton song which has been blessed with many interpretations over the years, performed with the little lady with a big heart, who he introduced to the world on his TV show in 1967, and who he released records with throughout the late 60s and early 70s, before she busted out (sorry I couldn’t resist) into fame in her own right.

Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton – The Last Thing on My Mind

You’d think they’d be able to afford a red jumper each, wouldn’t you?

More soon.